• Azure Search

    Azure Search is a search as a service solution. You populate the service with your data, and then you add search capabilities to your web or mobile applications that call the service to search that data. Microsoft manages the search infrastructure for you and offers a 99.9 percent SLA. You can scale to handle more document storage, higher query loads, or both.

    You can search your data using the simple query syntax that includes logical operators, phrase search operators, suffix operators, precedence operators, and so on. You can also use the Lucene query syntax to enable fuzzy search, proximity search, and regular expressions. Data integrations allow Azure Search to automatically crawl Azure SQL Database, DocumentDB, or Azure Blob storage to create an index for your search.

    At this time, 56 languages are supported. Azure Search can analyze the text your customer types in the search text box to intelligently handle language-specific terms such as verb tenses, gender, and more. You can even enable autocomplete for the search text boxes. Additionally, Azure Search includes geo-spatial support so you can process, filter, and display geographic locations. This means you can show search results ordered by proximity, such as the closest Starbucks.

    Source of Information : Microsoft Azure Essentials Fundamentals of Azure Second Edition


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